FutureYou and Cambridge Nutraceuticals

Launched in 2015, FutureYou is the overarching brand for our range of natural health supplements, all scientifically proven to deliver more of the good stuff to your body.

We carry out research to provide the highest quality supplements, which provide proven absorption and clinical benefits. You can find our full range of products on the FutureYou website.

The FutureYou proposition

For every supplement there are two important considerations:-

-  The benefits provided by the active ingredient once it is absorbed properly

-  How much is absorbed by the body – ‘bioavailability’

The potential of supplements for good health is widely reported, and we are keen to find the most effective ingredients.

Bioavailability is often overlooked, however. We improve bioavailability by combining nutrients with other ingredients; we think of them as acting like natural catalysts. Each FutureYou supplement is researched to assess its bioavailability and, where appropriate, we run clinical trials with leading researchers.